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Tolga Zafer is born in 1975, Anatolia

Learned piano and composition from Faris Akarsu, Ilhan Usmanbaş, Fernando Benadon and Kamran Ince. 

Completed his Master on composition at MIAM/Turkey, his DMA UofMemphis/USA

Taught in University level at both UofMemphis, Akdeniz University and Bilgi University for 15 years.

Composed music for symphonic, ethnic instruments and synthesisers. 

His music has been played in six continents.

Arranged music for multiple international ensembles.

Performed classical, jazz, ethnic world, rock, funk, pop and electronic music.

Designed a musical calculator, Tritonet, both for pedagogical and performance purposes.

Continues his research on Music theory and Algorithmic composition techniques.

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