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Musical Calculator 
for Ableton Live

300+ Scales

Control the harmony of entire Ableton Live set

SATB type chord creation

Harmony automation

Dynamic Pitch Mapping

Let MIDI clips follows your harmony

Play always in tune with your MIDI equipment

Push integration

Please find the relevant font file from here. 

Download and install into your font folder by double clicking

Tritonet is implemented as a set of Max/MSP patches which provide a music harmony toolset for the music production in Ableton Live. At its core, Tritonet enables controlling the harmony of an entire Ableton project.


It is a harmony performance device. It enables users to change harmony on the fly (even on stage). It enables your MIDI instruments to play in tune, even when using complex and dynamic harmonic structures. It lays out the scale into the keyboard symmetrically around the note D, enabling users to play by relying on their intuition and sense of symmetry without assuming knowledge of musical scales.

It can also produce smooth chord sequences with voice leading; chord information is distributed via "Dynamic Pitch Mapping" to multiple tracks, changing their initial scales dynamically; this allows MIDI clips to follow the harmonic structure of the Ableton project.

Tritonet inside Ableton
Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 10.00.54.png

Oceanus Orientalis

A magnificent bridge between the system of music theory and the "1" and "0" of the computer world. It is a very cleverly designed system that can create harmonies in the desired note, mood and style and in countless possibilities by turning a few keys.

Arya Headshot_edited - Arya Afshar M..jpg

Arya Afshar,
Film Composer, Sound Designer


Tritonet is a great tool to harmonically enrich your compositions without detracting from the fluidity of your workflow. It's straightforward in its core design yet infinitely complex!

Deniz Ozcelik Photo greedy - Deniz Ozcelik.jpg

Deniz Özçelik 
Singer, Songwriter

Tritonet is a groundbreaking facilitator that can make a songwriter out of somebody who's not familiar to harmony at all. This makes me regret the years I studied harmony and theory :)

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